The Nautican Warhammer Fantasy Battle Army is completely unofficial and is not endorsed by Games Workshop.

army designed by Sigmar from the Battle Reporter Blog

Saturday 21 January 2012

Nautican WFB Unit Profile - Contest

I'm working on a major new release of the Nautican Army and am asking for some help from anyone interested in getting involved in the project.

I have three miniatures that I purchased specifically for the army even though I have not yet come up with profiles for them.

I'm inviting people to suggest profiles (including pts cost) and even the fluff (ie. background / story) for the miniatures. They can either be special character profiles or unit profiles (probably rare or maybe special units). I don't plan to purchase any more of these particular models so they will be stand alone and must not form part of a multi-model unit of the same type (although they could join other units).

You suggest the profiles for any or all of the models and I will include them and credit you in the army book pdf and the army blog (and link to your site if you have a Warhammer related blog or web page).

Please take into account the composition of the current army book, I will not be including a unit that unbalances the army or is ridiculously powerful.

Please enter the profiles in the Nautican profiles page in Battle Reporter forum.

Here are the models...

Sea Monster 28mm Miniature photo
Miniature pic is © Fenryll Miniatures. All rights reserved. Used without permission.

Alien Sea Creatures photos
Miniature pic is © All rights reserved. Used with permission

Ocean dwelling fantasy lead miniatures
Miniature pic is © All rights reserved. Used with permission.


  1. woo yeah youre getting back to it lol i must be your biggest fan lol

    i would like to see you create a profile for the shark people too

    i think the top one should be called the coral creeper its profile is as follows

    m8 ws6 bs4 s5 t4 w4 i7 a6 ld 8 90pts

    it should be -1 to hit in combat because its slippery and fast it can camoflage itself in water {the enemy has to pass a ld test on -5 to spot it } and should have the scout rule and spray ink like the giant octopus and be a creature of the reef and a 5+scaly skin or 3+ in terrain {camoflage}

    the bottom one should be called a scuttle wraith

    it has a profile m6 ws4 bs0 s4 t4 w4 i5 a4 ld7 55pts

    it causes teror and can start the game in any water feature either side and its a loner so doesent listen to the general i also think it should have a 5+ slippery/scaly skin and a regen since its obviosly a creature of the deep

  2. Yep, I'm back :)

    I've been changing the list aswell, I just haven't posted it online yet.

    Good to hear from you again RR. Thankx for your ideas.

  3. Hey Sigmar, are you still kicking about? Did your army get finished or has life moved you elsewhere?

  4. Hi Graham, thanks for the question and sorry for my slow response. I collected a lot of the miniatures, enough to form a 3,000 point army but I never really finished the book, I just got tied up play testing it all the time and then moved on to my project. I wouldn't mind getting back to it though and I even asked Mathias Eliasson if he fancied taking up the challenge of re-writing the rules for 8th edition but he thought it might be a bit tough getting together all the fluff (Mathias btw is responsible for many of the awesome unofficial armies, that you can download from my forum if you;re interested :- Thanks for visiting, I hope you have enjoyed reading my Nautican exploits.


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