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army designed by Sigmar from the Battle Reporter Blog

Friday, 22 May 2009

The Army Structure & Composition (part II)

So with the emphasis on making a tactically challenging army to play with and against I needed to come up with some new ideas.

The very first of these ideas was the Chanty Singer and the Sea Storm.

Originally the Sea Storm received wide ranging criticism. Most people hated the idea ! It was designed to be very much a thorn in the enemy's side which I suppose is why it annoyed so many people.

The storm however has survived, albeit, in a much weaker form. Now it's even debatable if it's worth it's salt (haha) considering that if you take the Chanty Singer and thus the Storm you have to forego the option of taking a powerful battle standard banner or a more "tooled up" melee character.

The Storm was originally my ham-fisted attempt at negating some enemy strengths. The need for something like the storm has lessened following the introduction of some of the newer Nautican army entries.

The Storm however remains a viable option especially against armies with ranged weaponry which the storm impedes and flyers which the storm slows down.

The storm's associated lightning strike is another useful addition. It's now a bound spell so can be dispelled but it poses a small dilema for the enemy who has to decide whether they should save their dispel dice / scrolls and take the lightning strike in the early turns. If they do then they might leave themselves vulnerable to Nautican spellcasters and other bound items that are likely to still be present in the early turns.

More about the army composition and the new ideas tomorrow.

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