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Wednesday, 20 May 2009

The Waves of Magic

As an alternative to the Winds of Magic, the Waves do not differ to a great extent (at the moment). However, I have introduced a 'magical' special character called Vortex (the embodiment of the savage seas) and a very powerful anti-magical banner in recognition that the Waves of Magic are in constant competiton with the Winds of Magic.

This is an idea I might develop further later on. For now, I wanted a working magic system that could slot easily into the Warhammer rules and I hope that is what we have got.

A better 'feel' for the Waves of Magic will evolve over time when more background material has been written and the Nauticans have their own magical 'history'

That should be a good time to revisit the Waves of Magic.

One idea I will share right now is that because the Waves and Winds of magic compete, I was thinking of making it more difficult for rival "wizards" to cast spells when they are close proximity to one another.

Let me know what you think.


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