The Nautican Warhammer Fantasy Battle Army is completely unofficial and is not endorsed by Games Workshop.

army designed by Sigmar from the Battle Reporter Blog

Sunday, 21 June 2009

We have found The King of the Seas !

The Nautican King of the Seas has emerged from the oceans

He must have been hiding somewhere but Anixous a member of the Battle Reporter Forum managed to "fish him out !" ;)

Anyway, here he is in all his glory, and 100mm (or 10cm tall) aswell. Perfect. All credit goes to Axinous.

He can be purchased from:-

taban-miniatures (Neptune - Lord of the Seas)

I'm ordering him this week and will post pics soon.

Permission for posting image has been requested.


  1. That figure is just awesome will fit so well into the army

  2. yep, I agree John. It was a real find by Axinous.

  3. All you need to do is paint his Skin Cyan, his Hair White, Tail Blue-Green & you've got the King of the Seas. The King of the Seas is the guy on the cover, right?


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