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Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Nautican Warhammer Army List Changes

Changes to Core, Special and Rare Units, Characters and Magic Items

We are planning to make several changes to the Nautican Army "Book" this weekend (6th-8th Nov 09).

There has been a lot of playtesting since the last update and many unit discussions.

  • We're going to ramp up Wave Breakers slightly (at no extra points cost - as already mentioned on this blog)

  • There will be 2 new characters

    - A sprat hero (I'm not sure hero is the right word !). Who can lead a unit of coral hunters thus making them skirmishers or a unit of Crest Riders thus improving their Breaking Wave charge. The hero will be able to join other sprat units throughout the game.

    - an Octobipod hero (probably to be called Octun) to lead the Octobipods or operate alone. He will be the same profile as the Blue Ring Octobipod champion but with +1 leadership (ie. 7 rather than 6). Additionally, he will exude an inky mist which will bestow a -1 to hit modifier on him and any Octobipod unit he is with (against missile fire alone)

  • Zhurf is being removed

  • Several Changes to magic items, including new items, simplification and removal of others. This is to make the magic items more selectable and balanced.

  • Changes to existing Aqua Lore spells to make them slightly more specialised and offensive - yes, they will be able to cast swear words against the enemy ! Only joking :)

  • Probably removal of Deep Divers which have been superseded by sprats that did not exit prior to the deep diver's inclusion. Also, Octobipods with their poisonous attacks have, to some extent, reduce the need for raged poison weapons.

  • A new Rare unit which will grant magical benefits upon nearby spellcasters and make the army as a whole slightly more magically resistant. This Rare unit will most likely take the form of a Nautican Artifact, possibly a throne. This is still be worked on, it currently has 3 different forms (I haven't made the final choice yet and the player may be given some options for this unit to customise it for their army selection)

  • We would really like to include some dolphin mounts in the army but sourcing the models is proving a real pain unless you fancy paying for some solid silver ones ! If anyone knows where we could get our hands on 28mm lead/tin dolphins we'd really appreciate it if you let us know !

    I'm working hard on getting all this done in time, thanks for your patience so far.


    PS. One last thing, once the army list has been updated I will re-activate the voting polls on the right of this blog so please cast your votes so we have an idea what you make of the new army list.

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