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Friday, 12 February 2010

The Nauticans make landfall !

I figured it was time to let the cat out of the bag - I was all at sea for a few weeks waiting for the Nauticans to navigate the Oceans to Britannia. I couldn't fathom where they had drifted to but shiver my timbers everything is now ship shape and Bristol fashion !

What I'm trying to say is... all of the Nautican Army miniatures that I ordered have finally arrived.

One parcel went missing but the supplier ( was extremely cool about it and dispatched the miniatures again free of charge. Both of the others (from and got held up by customs in the UK but did finally make it to my door - hurray !

So, I now have:-

4 Weresharks
5 Octobipods
6 Lobstrosities
1 Leviathan
1 Giant Octopus (and it really is a giant !)
2 Giant Crabs
2 Aqualops and some Seaweedlings and
10 komodons (which I plan to use as Wavebreakers*)
3 Sirens
1 Mermaid
1 Chanty singer
1 Water Elemental
1 Coastal Hermit
1 Vortex

I have Lizardmen Saurus for the Trident Guard and Interceptors and Skinks for the Coral Hunters and Crest Riders (not ideal but they'll do for now).

* I only ordered a few because I wanted to see what they looked like up close. I like them, so I'll be getting some more.

I'm preparing for a Nautican vs Skaven battle next week so I'll be sticking the slippery fellas together and will get some unpainted miniature pics online soon.

A forum friend (noeste) might be sculpting some coral hunters for me later in the year. I'm also considering getting some Deep One Troopers (see Troll Forged: - pic below)

We've weighed anchor and my fishy plans have finally set sail. The Skaven will be the next Warhammer race to walk the plank !

Image is copyright Troll Fordged. Used without permission, all rights reserved.

PS. I promise not to pun bomb the blog anymore :)

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