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Friday, 9 July 2010

Sea Creature Warhammer rule in the 8th Edition Rulebook !

The plot thickens ! Why have Games Workshop included a Sea Creatures rule in the latest rulebook ?

I have to confess, I haven't read all of the rules yet - I only got the book today, give me a chance ! :) But I notice on page 75 there is a new "Sea Creature" rule.

Hmmm... apparently, sea creatures cannot march move but can move across water terrain (excluding marshes) as though it is open ground even if it's impassable to other units.


I wonder why GW included this rule, I don't believe there are any sea creatures in the Warhammer World except for my Nauticans are there ?

I'll have a think about whether I should adopt this rule for some of my units.

Note: The Nautican army list is getting a thorough review and an article in the next edition of The Doom Seeker Warhammer fanzine. I'll be discussing how the 8th edition rules affect the army and any planned changes to the army list* for the draft 6.0 release (coming in a few weeks)

* (I've found some new miniatures I would quite like to include and I already have a few tweaks in mind for draft 6.0 in any case)


  1. Maybe you should make it so Nauticans can march, but only on land, they can't march on water, but they can walk on it.

  2. I think what GW are saying with the rule is that Sea Creatures would not be able to move on land so easily. The March move is an "extra" movement (when you're not shooting, reforming or too close to the enemy) so Sea Creatures shouldn't benefit from this extra move.

    BTW, I got the new rulebook today, you should order it online. It's great :)

  3. Well I cannot order anything online since I don't have a Credit Card (I am only 14) and I know what marching is. Once you mention it, yeah, maybe it would make some sence that they can't march, that would make them slower, but they would be able to walk on water (Ok, they swim in it, but minis can't swim).
    I think that the only Aquatic Creature in Warhammer (besides your Nauticans) are River Trolls, Skinks (possibaly) & Water Elementals.


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