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army designed by Sigmar from the Battle Reporter Blog

Monday, 25 May 2009

Nautican models and conversions (part I)

I have started to put some thought into how to build a Nautican army.

At the moment I'm using proxies for all the Nautican models but I plan to do two things:-

1) Start buying suitable models that I might have problems converting from existing Games Workshop minatures and

2) Working out how to convert some of my existing GW models and planning some scratch builds.

I am going to source some of the models from companies like Such as the Mermaids/Sirens, Chanty singer and Giant Crabs.

They have an excellent crab called Scuttlebones. It's actually an undead crab but if I fill in the it's broken shell on the top I think it will pass as a living crab. The minature is available from reaper but I've also found some on eBay.

There are also some excellent Sea Elf type of miniatures that will pass nicely as Nautican spellcasters and Vortex the special Ashray character.

When it comes to the conversions I'm thinking of using GW's saurus for the Trident Guard and Interceptors. I've found some minis called Komodons from (see foot note) that might also fit the bill. Some of the komodons already have tridents and suitable "fin like" tails which I would have to glue onto and Saurus models I get. I'm still a bit undecided so I'm comparing prices and trying to determine how difficult and time consuming it might be to convert the lizardmen.

Skinks are the obvious choice for Crest Riders (Cresters) and Coral Hunters. I need javelin armed skinks or the razordon / salamander handlers for the Cresters. The Coral Hunters might be a proble because they really need spearguns not blowpipes or the old short bows (on the old skink models). I'm going to "sacrifice"some skinks in the conversion process to see if I can cut away their bows and remodel them with spearguns. I'm not that talented when it comes to modeling so we'll see how it goes... gulp !

I have a definite plan for sandgangers. For the front rank I plan to use crypt ghouls "dipped" in sand. For rear ranks I plan to use torsos of various models "dipped" in sand. I think it's reasonable to think that the sandgangers at the front, nearest to their enemy, will be the first to form. So, I'm happy to make the rear most rank out of sand coated lumps of clay that vaguely resemble the outline of bipedal Warhammer races rising from the ground.

That's the plan anyway, I'm not sure what my execution of this plan will look like but I'll post pics here of the successes and failures !

Thanks for reading, I'll catch you tomorrow,

Foot note : I have been searching to make some purchases and found out that no longer exists. The miniatures are still being produced but under the name of


  1. Like the ideas for the Sandgangers Sigmar

  2. cheers John, I'll get some pics up once I've tried it out.

    I'll also get the pdf up when I can work out how to use MS Word, grrrr... another application that I'm not friends with right now ;)

    I have been trying to get all the profile stats on the same page as the unit descriptions but formating it is proving very painful, I'm no Word expert :(

    I guess I should just tweak the version you sent (pics, credits and latest 3.1 stuff) and get that online asap and then I can work on my version in my own time.

    Yep, that sounds like a decent plan, that's what I'll do ! It's good to think out aloud sometimes :)



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