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Monday, 25 May 2009

Order placed for lots of ocean type minis

Many Nautican miniatures heading my way - over the ocean in fact !

Here's one of the miniatures which I particularly like, I'm thinking of changing the description for the existing special character Vortex and maybe making the character two combined characters called the Vortices. I'll keep the same rules only the description will change, what do you think ?

Are the Nauticans becoming too sexy ?!

I've got some crabs coming too and mermaids and some decent looking siren type miniatures and Zharc, a water elemental, and... wait for it... Goroloth (I'm not sure if that was a good idea but I went for it anyway, a bit like trying to cast an 11+ spell with 3 dice, it might work out and it might not !)

I'll take pics and post them here when I receive the minis.

I ordered just after Kiwi (, I wonder if the journey down under will take his Nauticans longer to arrive !

For now, I've gone with the Dark Heaven ( series of miniatures for special characters / units.

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