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Thursday, 28 May 2009

Ramblings : Preparing an army to fight against the Nauticans

I have a battle coming up this weekend against the Nauticans. It will be the first time that I've actually fought against them, I'm usually commanding them.

We agreed that the Nautican's enemy on this outing would be an Empire Army because it's fairly well balanced in all phases meaning that the Nauticans will get a good "all terrain test drive".

It's nice to look at the Nauticans from the opponents perspective for a change. I am however, slightly concerned that I'm finding it quite easy to come up with a battle plan. Having said that I do have a few things that require some tactical thinking. The main worries I have are, how many sandganger units the enemy will bring and how do I avoid getting bogged down in a sandganger tarpit !?

I've already catered for the possible inclusion of a Levaithan or Octopus and the probable Manta Rays. I can foresee Coral Hunters being a continual pain but I'm planning to get my key units into combat quite quickly so they won't be vulnerable to the sprat's spearguns for too long, besides I'll have plenty of platemail (I'll need to make sure my knights avoid his Giant Crabs - he's bound to bring some !)

I'm hoping to hold the Trident Guard, probable crabs, and very likely sand gangers at bay with rank and file and use my knight's faster move distance to flank him. This should allow me to pound the rest of the Nautican army with artillery hell :D and my outriders to clean up the sprats.

I'll let you know how it goes.

On a separate subject...

I can't quite decide if the Nautican army is a horde army or not. It's starting to get close with the recent addition of the coral hunters and crest riders but overall, it's a bit more akin to an Empire army than say Skaven or Gobbos.

I have to say that, at this stage of my planning, I'm fairly confident of victory :D

Until later,

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