The Nautican Warhammer Fantasy Battle Army is completely unofficial and is not endorsed by Games Workshop.

army designed by Sigmar from the Battle Reporter Blog

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Nautican models and conversions (part II)

A short note about using "Nautican" models.

Obviously, nobody is currently producing miniatures specifically for the Nautican army. I have started to speak to some sculptors to see if I can get anyone interested and what I need to do (without coughing up any cash !) to set the wheels in motion so we can get some specific models produced.

It is very early days though so we can expect to be using non-tailor made miniatures for some time to come and maybe forever if no sculptors / miniature producers are brave enough to step up.

So, because we are not using standard models I thought we should have some very general guidelines in place when deploying a Nautican Army:-

1) miniatures must be recognisable as a certain type. Eg. the enemy should not have to run the risk of mistaking units during the course of the battle and are free to ask for confirmation of which unit is which whenever they like.

2) You should try to ensure, where possible, that the weaponry and armour a unit has is represented by the model. Obviously, this might not be easy ! However, with units such as Trident Guard which use... ahem... tridents you should at least use a unit bearing spears or halberds.

3) The models must, at a very minimum, have the correct base size.

and a general note about battles against new opponents....

4) Please ensure your enemy has a copy of the full army list. A pdf will shortly be available for you to print out so there should be no excuses - unless you don't have access to a printer !
Well, that's it for now. I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of my first batch of Nautican type minatures (Dark Heaven series by

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  1. wow, awesomes, the guidelines are a good idea. Just wondering but can you put a picture up of your nautican army? I am going to start them, i love weresharks, the models are amazing. Ordered some, please post up pictures of your army, thank you =)

  2. Thanks for the comments Kristian. I don't have a painted army yet although I have quite a few miniatures.

    I'll probably be painting up the 3 more Weresharks next.

    I have a load of painting to do but I'm going to concentrate on getting the army list just right first. There's been a lot of feedback so there will probably be quite a few changes although the units will remain the same some special rules and characteristics might be modifier or pts costs changed.

    Please join the forum if you would like to discuss th army.

    See icon, top right of this page.

    Thanks for the comments,

  3. How do you call the Blue guys that look like ELves only with gills on their necks & fish eyes. They appear n lower left corner of the Army Books cover. I'm planning on giving them Tridents, a bit extra armor & Great White Sharks to mount. Call them Nereids (BTW, I'm NickTheLizardmen)

  4. Hi Nick,

    Those were some of the original Nauticans (the original Wave Breakers and Tide Watchers) before the army took on a more underwater reptilian theme. I'm considering bring them back to re-balance the army a little.

    Thanks for commenting,


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