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Thursday, 4 June 2009

Today I received my first batch of Nautican Characters and Sea Creatues

Phew ! I thought my miniatures had been lost in the post but they were clearly blessed by the sea gods because they turned up today. It just took a couple of days longer for the Nauticans to navigate their way over the Atlantic than I had suspected :)

I contacted the supplier with my concerns and they were very courteous and helpful which put my mind to rest and hey presto, as they promised, here they are !

I ordered:-

1) a Water Elemental,
2) a mermaid,
3) two "proxy" sirens (they're female spellcasters who look the part),
4) a Leviathan (Golgoroth),
5) a Wereshark (special character Zharc)
6) A character that fits the bill as The Coastal Hermit,
7) two Giant Giant crabs
8) a character with billowing cloak and a standard that will do nicely as a Chanty Singer.
9) a "ghostly summons" a miniature of two naked entwined females rising into the air. A great model to represent Vortex although I'll need to change description for the character and the name to Vortices most porbably.

I think that's about it. I'm on the train surrounded by "normal" looking people so I'm too embarrassed to open the box to take a look ! Yes, even at the age of 41 I still suffer from the geek complex ! :)

Anyway, hopefully the sun will stay out so I can take the miniatures outside for a swim in the garden bird bath when I get home - they need rehydrating ;-)

Only kidding, I'm taking them into the garden so I can get some decent photos in natural lighting.

All being well, you'll see a slideshow here with all the new minis on it very soon. I'll use a standard human or elf in the pics so you can get a feel for the size of these particular Nauticans.

Thanks for reading and sharing in my excitement folks,



  1. Really want to see what the crabs look like and how big they because I seriously want to order some

  2. Hi John,

    I'll get a pick up tonight - when I get back from the liquor store ;)

    They're slightly smaller than I thought they'd be but I think they're big enough to justify their "giant" status :)


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