The Nautican Warhammer Fantasy Battle Army is completely unofficial and is not endorsed by Games Workshop.

army designed by Sigmar from the Battle Reporter Blog

Friday, 5 June 2009

New Nautican miniatures slideshow and some good project news.

I have started to collect miniatures for my Nautican Army. I've added a slideshow (middle pane towards the bottom of the page) which I'll use to post pics of the miniatures and painting progress. At the moment all the miniatures are in their packets !

Some other good news:-

1) Dims, the expert painted on the battlereporter forum has agreed to help paint the miniatures so we can get some more colour pics for the army book.

2) I'm working on a few ideas for Nautican themed competitions - I'll be stumping up the prizes which will probably be some old miniatures from my ageing collection :)

Probable competitions will be:-

Writing a background story for a character or Nautican event, the best Nautican battle report, the best Nautican painted miniatures, the best analysis of the army's strengths and weaknesses and battlefield tactics.

I'll update you when I have some more details. Thanks for reading,

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