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army designed by Sigmar from the Battle Reporter Blog

Monday, 20 July 2009

The death of the Man o' War

The Nauticans lose their paralyzing jellyfish as it descends into the deep

In it's place, to bolster the tactical options against high toughness opponents, come the Octobipods.

The Man o' War was one of the original Nautican units. It was revised but never really got the credit I thought it deserved. Having said that, I never took it into battle so I shouldn't complain !

Anyway, with the advent of Crest Riders to bridge the gap over "no mans land" and the addition of the new Sea Creatures rule - "Shore Creatures" that allows advanced deployment, I guess the Man o' War's days were numbered.

So what we have are the Octobipods. A useful unit which introduces some difficult choices for 2000 pt games, that's what I think wanyway. Try selecting an army and you'll see what I mean.

Overall, I'm pleased with the new rare unit. I'm not certain about points cost, I think they're good value if you design your army well but I'm open to comments/suggestions if people think they're overpowered for the pts - before commenting please take into account what the army might have to forego if it includes Octobipods.

Well, we're nearing completion, in my mind anyway. I have a new magic item I want to add to mitigate against the loss of the Man o' War and it's march blocking potential. I also have a few unit descriptions I'd like to amend and quite a bit of formatting and artwork to add. I think we'll have agood army list soon, then I have the big task of working on background and stories (gulp !)

On a personal note: I have a 2 week break coming in Aug or Sept (when the bosses let me !). I plan to complete and put the new pdf online at the end of my holiday. I'm also going to create a promotional video to try to raise some more interest and get people talking, analysing and playtesting the army on the battle reporter forum.

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