The Nautican Warhammer Fantasy Battle Army is completely unofficial and is not endorsed by Games Workshop.

army designed by Sigmar from the Battle Reporter Blog

Sunday, 12 July 2009

How cool is this painted Wereshark miniature !?!

Dims, one of the Battle Reporter forum members has painted a Wereshark for my Nautican Army and what a sweet job he's done !

I am absolutely delighted with Dims great painting job and with being lucky enough to discover this miniature which is supplied by and is called the Wereshark (a name I chose to stick with for the Rare Unit)

There is also a Wereshark hero level character in the Nautican Army named, with little imagination from me... Zharc !

Check out the 9 picture slideshow (incl. close ups of the base, tail and head):-

Dims (or Pascal Rooze) is available for painting commissions. If you're interested in Pascal appying his expert brush to some of your minis you can email him at

Thanks Pascal.


  1. Pascal Rooze (dims)12 July 2009 at 21:42

    hey Sigs, you got the email wrong: its without the "h" after my name:

    And always a pleasure to paint for you. Two down, one to go!

  2. Sorry about that dims, it's now corrected.


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