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army designed by Sigmar from the Battle Reporter Blog

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Nautican Aqua Lore rewrite ?

Something a bit different for Nautican magic - hmmm... maybe

I've been mulling over a new type of magic for the Nauticans. The army is very much a "foil army", that is, a counter-active army that can twist it's enemies strengths against itself.

So, I'm think maybe that magic should follow the same course. Afterall, the army is from the seas, an alien place to most Warhammer armies and the Waves of Magic are bound to ebb and flow (like the waves) when contesting for dominance over the Wind of of Magic.

The Nautican spells thus far are similar to others avilable in the Warhammer World. I'm contemplating making the magic somewhat different and dependant upon enemy magic in some way. That is, the stronger the enemy Winds of Magic, the more the Waves of Magic will attempt to overcome the Winds. Something to that effect.

So far, I'm just thinking about this. I want to keep it simple and obviously balanced. So I'm asking for ideas in the Nautican Magic thread in the Battle Reporter forum.

If you want to be part of the Nautican project now is a good time to join in because we need some fresh ideas. Thanks folks,

Drawing of a Nautican Mermaid is by Gareth Pannan
(see Nautican Army list artwork)

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