The Nautican Warhammer Fantasy Battle Army is completely unofficial and is not endorsed by Games Workshop.

army designed by Sigmar from the Battle Reporter Blog

Monday, 10 August 2009

The winning Nautican Warhammer Army list

Here's the Nautican Army that swept the Jungle Jockey's back to their humid swamps and dusty relic temples

That is to say... here are the Nauticans that beat the Lizardmen in the 2250pts battle


Nautican Lord - 228pts
(oceanic trident, scalemail, clamshield, crystal crown, shell horn)

Nautican Prince (Battle Standard Bearer) - 138pts
(oceanic trident, scalemail, Bull Shark banner)

both Lord and Prince above were included in the Trident Guard unit

Nautican Prince (mounted on The Great White Titan) - 215 pts
(oceanic trident, clamshield, spirit shroud)


40 Sandgangers - 240pts
(4 units x 10 models)

45 Coral Hunters - 135pts
(3 units x 15 models)


20 Trident Guard (full command) - 320pts
(oceanic trident upgrade, Venomous Spine banner)

Tripoon Battery (including Range Fathomer) - 110pts

Tripoon Battery (including Range Fathomer) - 110pts

7 Lobstrosities (including Grandimanus) - 238pts


5 Octobiopds (including Blue Ring) - 260pts

4 Were Sharks (including Tiger Wereshark) - 255pts

Most valuable units were:-

  • Sandgangers for holding the enemy for a couple of turns
  • Tripoon batteries for taking out both Stegadons before they could do much damage
  • Trident Guard with Lord and Prince for sweeping all before them despite taking a lot of casualties

  • Biggest Disappointments were:-

  • Coral Hunters - that did hardly except acting as a very temporary missile shield and generally getting in the way (such is the way with sprats !)
  • Lobrstrosities - which only managed to kill 3 Saurus, before being wiped out. They did have to take a Stegadon charge in the flank while fighting 17 Saurus though !
  • Weresharks who fled and never made it into combat !

  • Artwork provided by Gareth Pannan
    (see his other artwork and contact details on the
    Nautican artwork page)

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