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Friday, 27 November 2009

Planned Nautican Fantasy Battle Army updates

Ok folks, here's the plan for my Sea Borne Warhammer Fantasy Army.

- Zhurf to be removed

Core Units
- Wave Breakers get +1 strength

Special Units
- Deep Divers to be removed
- Weresharks frenzy reduced in strength and slightly reduced in points
- Tripoon* loses "Creatures of the Deep" rule (ie. no regeneration 5+ save).

* The Wave Breaker crew are actually Creatures of the Shores but will not benefit from this rule because they operate a war machine and I don't think advanced deployment is appropriate for a Tripoon

Rare Units
- Fortunis added

Magic Items
- Many tweaks to powers and points. The aim being to make them more selectable.
- Reduction in number of bound items and / or making them "one use only" items
- Notably a significant change to the Tsunami Wave banner and Millenial Fathom. I want to make the Tsunami more selectable and the Millenial Fathom less so. The Fathom banner has become almost a default selection in recent battles, making a good fighting unit such as Trident Guard unbreakable can be, for want of a better word, almost priceless.

Aqua Lore
Very small tweaks, otherwise no changes for this draft *

* I actually plan to revamp the whole Nautican magic system. I have a lot of ideas but they need more thought and testing.

Army Wide Rules
- small change to Chanty Singer's Sea Storm.
- possible tweak to Creatures of the Sea rules

Army Wide Equipment
- no changes planned.

Army list blog presentation
- I will be tidying up the army list as a whole and maybe making some rules and descriptions a little less verbose. I'll also work on making the site pages more printable - note that this should be less of an issue when the pdf is completed and the army site is only needed for reference when you don't have the list at hand.

- I will try to make the site more navigable with links and a site only search box so there's less scrolling and it's easier to jump between rules and to find what you're looking for.

- A summary reference sheet will be added with all profiles and points costs.

- One final thing, I'll also be searching for more miniatures and suppliers which I'll publish on the Miniatures page.

Those are all of the changes I can think of right now. Note that I will not be doing any work on the fluff. I just want to get the list and pdf ready for potential play-testers. Background fluff will follow in the next major draft up.

Thanks for following the project folks, Sigmar.

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