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Wednesday, 25 November 2009

A Nautican Sprat hero ! Does such a being exist ?!

Well, it's about to :D

I have decided to withdraw the Nautican Deep Diver unit from active service. Their usefulness has been somewhat superseded since the coral hunters arrived on the scene.

There is however one tactical advantage that I think Deep Divers brought to the army that needs to be retained - the ability to skirmish.

Most armies have some form of skirmishers, fast cavalry and / or flyers; many armies are strong in all three 'disciplines'.. The Nauticans are pretty weak off of these areas so I don't think that totally losing the ability to skirmish is an option.

So, I'm introducing a very low level sprat character with suitably 'wimpy' sprat profile to act as a sprat leader with the option of turning a unit of coral hunters or possibly even javelin wielding crest riders into skirmishers.

I'm making the points cost of Nautican skirmishing quite high because I woulld not expect a sea based army to be naturally skilled in land based skirmishing. Besides, the army is not meant to be an ambush / guerilla type of force.

The character will have the option to take some low level magic items that I will probably limit to the seeds of maze weed and limpet mix. Both are low level magic items costing 25 pts. I'm hoping that the relative weakness of the sprat unit and magic item limit will test the tactical prowess of even the most battle astute of Nautican commannders.

Check out the army list update in the next couple of days.

Thanks for reading folks, Sigmar

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