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Friday, 26 March 2010

"The Octopus Men are here" - it's no use swimming so... run !!!!!

I've finally assembled my Octobipods and some other miniatures but the walking Ocotpus men come first (so to speak !)

Dimensions (click image to enlarge vs Swordmaster)
This is a 28mm scale miniature

Height 6.2cm (including GW 40mm base)
Width 5.2cm (due to head tentacles)
Length 6.4cm (due to head tentacles)
Base Size 40mm x 40mm

I found the miniature very easy to assemble (unlike the crabs !) The miniature comes in 2 parts; a head which has 8 molded tentacles and a separate body. There is a nice sized recess in the bottom of the head which sticks firmly to the "lump" (neck) on the body. I just used super glue and the models seem quite firmly stuck ! :D

The tentacles extend about 6.4cm from the back of the base to the front and about 5.2cm from left to right (ie width).

The length is not too much of a problem because the miniature is higher than most enemy rank and file so you can push the Octobipod up into base contact and the tentacles extend over the top of a lot of enemy models (at least they do with Skaven and units without long vertical pointy weapons !.)

I thought the width might be a problem because I thought it might be difficult to assemble a unit of models without their tentacles getting in each others way.

As it turned out a little forethought prevented any trouble at all. I angled the heads slightly to one side so that the tentacles go either slighty above or below their "neighbours" tentacles (click the image above for a close up). The models' tentacles even rested on one another while they dried so I didn't even need to prop them up - beautiful ;)

Other Notes
The model comes with a molded base, you need to get your own 40mm base. The molded base was very flat underneath and I easily stuck it to the 40mm plastic base.

Easy, I like these models !

PS. I'll post some better photos soon.

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