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Saturday, 27 March 2010

Wereshark Assembly and Miniature Dimensions

Probably the most popular model in the Nautican Fantasy Battle Army, these miniatures are also a piece of cake to assemble.

(click images to greatly enlarge them)

Weresharks are 28mm scale miniatures

Height 6.4cm (including GW 40mm base)
Width 4.7cm (including tail)
Length 4.6cm (including tail)
Base Size 40mm x 40mm

Another easy to assemble miniature (like the Octobipods but unlike the Giant Crabs - which were tough)

The model comes in 3 parts, the main body, the left arm (the right arm is already molded in place) and the tail which begins from the body (not just the tip eg. the tail fin).

Both arm and tail fit into large indentations in the main model and are very easy to stick into place with super glue. I was able to position the arm in different positions to give the models a slightly different look. With one model I actually raised the arm to make it look like the Wereshark was either gesturing to the enemy (eg. "come on then !") or waving his comrades forward.

The tails probably naturally lie on the ground behind the Wereshark but I was able to raise them slightly to make sure I could line up several Weresharks in side-by-side base to base contact. This wasn't a problem and the tails actually look perfectly natural in this position which was a relief.

Other Notes
The model comes with a molded base, you need to get your own 40mm base. The molded base was totally flat underneath and I easily stuck it to the 40mm GW plastic base.

These models are of an excellent quality in both molding and design. They're probably the best looking models in the Nautican Army, alongside the Komodons (which I'm using as Trident Guard and Wave Breakers - which are soon going to become 25mm models in the army list).

It's nice to get some solid metal in the army. Overall, I actually prefer plastic because it's so easy to put together but these guys were no trouble and they have a really nice weighty feel to them - which befits a real killer unit !

BTW, if you were wondering... the Wereshark is holding an octopus in it's right hand, a small snack to keep it nourished on the surface world. It's really not that"into" beef, lamb or pork ;)


  1. What are you using for these guys?

  2. They're called Weresharks, you can find them on, or eBay.

    Happy shopping,

  3. Not sure if you saw this but I found something interesting you might use:
    You can use these as Underwater versions of the Lizardmen Jungle Swarms. Just an idea.

  4. I'm not so sure, the miniatures look ok but a combination of sea creatures as a swarm just doesn't seem quite right for some reason.

    I do already have a swarm equivalent in the army anyway. It's the spore that the Aqualops throws that bursts into Seaweedlings.

    Nice minis though. Thanks for the suggestion.

  5. You know what ?! I think I might actually order those minis so I can see what they look like close up. It's a bit of a stretch in imagination terms to ask players to accept them as a swarm but, hey... it's a fantasy world after all ! :D

  6. I didn't ment them as a Swarm, but as tamed Creatures. But you should realy do that, those fishies look realy cool :D


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