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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Look what I found... something a bit fishy !

Some pretty cool miniatures for a seaborne Warhammer army heh ?!

I spotted this miniature supplier on coolminiornot when I was promoting the Nippon Fantasy Army Book.

They're not bad models for use as Interceptors although I'll probably have to change the description which currently says they are specialist trident guard (and these guys do not look like Trident Guard !)

I'm going to order a couple and see what they look life in real life, so to speak.

Images from used without permission, all right reserved.

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  1. You can color them Cyan, I think they really look like Wave Breakres & the Trident Guard.

  2. Hi Nikola,

    I also prefer a bluey/cyan type of colour rather than the green above.

  3. Well I kinda like Green, but for these kinds of guys (aquatic) I prefer Cyan or Blue.

  4. A question: How many of these do you get in a set?

  5. So, do they look like the Wave Breakers/Tripoon Battery Crew.

  6. I think you can only buy them individually. I guess they might make decent Wavebreakers or... possibly a new unit altogether.

    I originally had a unit called Tide Watchers but I got rid of them mainly because I couldn't find any suitable models with nets.

  7. Then I guess we've found the Tide Watchers ;)
    Obviously the guy with the Trident & Web.

  8. Aha ! You were spot on Nikola. I had forgotten about these minis. Thanks for reminding me.


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