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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

The Lobstrosities make landfall !

I really like the look of these miniatures but you'll need some epoxy resign or you'll need to know how to "pin" miniatures together.

I got these models from HydraMiniatures, they're called Kithix but in my army they're named Lobstrosities !

I'm actually planning on changing their profile in Nautican Army draft 5.0 but that's another story. Whatever I do with them, they will definitely retain a place in the army because I've purchased them now and I'm the only person collecting Nautican army models at the moment :)

you can find Kithix minis on :-

The lowdown

Lobstrosities are 28mm scale miniatures

The below dimensions are variable according to how you decide to position the arms (pincers) so I have given the maximum and minimum stats for the 6 models I put together.

Height 4.6 - 6.0cm (excluding base)
Width 3.9 - 6.8cm
Length 3.8 - 4.7cm

Base Size 40mm x 40mm

Not easy !

The model come in 8 parts,

- the main body and legs
- 4 arms (or pincers !)
- a head
- a 2 piece jaw

The jaw is a cinch to fit into the head, no problem. Fitting the head into the main body is a bit tougher. It's a ball and socket affair, the socket is large which is good because you can vary the heads position (up, down, left, right, slanted etc) but you either need to pin the head into place or use epoxy resign to "glue" it in place (I don't think super glue will do the job, the socket is too large).

I also had to use epoxy resign for the arms (pincers) and they were a pain to stick into place. I left the epoxy resign on the "balls" of the arms and the sockets they were to fit into until it was almost dry. I then had to force the arms into place and use various things to balance the arms on (like pens, a vice, screw driver, match boxes etc) and hold them in a position I was happy with.

Other Notes
These miniatures are very well designed and they look great. Best of all the arms and head can be placed in loads of different positions to get give each model a very individual look (check out the below slide show).

These are NOT easy to assemble plastic miniatures. The whole assembly operation was quite tricky and fiddly and took, in total (excluding time waiting for the epoxy resign to dry), about an hour and a half.

I think you might also need some filler (eg. green stuff) to bridge the gap between the head and the body (and maybe the arm sockets). It's not strictly necessary but I will probably use some because the "neck gap" looks a little large on a couple of the models I put together (due to the position of the head).

PS. You don't get plastic 40mm bases with the models so you'll need to provide your own.

1 comment:

  1. I really like the Lobsters :D
    Can't wait till you paint them.
    Are you planning on twikking some other Units or adding a few new ones (like the Turtle Transporter ;)
    And I've thought of a Unit for the Nauticons. Not sure if it's sopposed ot be Core or Special Unit. It includes the Wave Breakers on Horses with Sea Horse heads. I wish I could give you the link to a Sea Horse miniature, but I can't send links here :(


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