The Nautican Warhammer Fantasy Battle Army is completely unofficial and is not endorsed by Games Workshop.

army designed by Sigmar from the Battle Reporter Blog

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Another Warhammer Sea Monster for the Nauticans ?

Draconian, from the battle reporter forum found this excellent and somewhat bizarre looking creature from the depths on (I absolutely love the model so it's going to find a place somewhere, somehow !)

And here's Draconian's profile suggestion, which looks fairly good (although I need to check out the points cost and think about the miniature in relation to other units in the army):-

"These creatures are a mystery to the surfacedewellers. Some say that the Dragon species evolved from these creatures, others say that these creatures evolved from Dragons which started to live underwater, others say that this is not even related to a Dragon, the truth is only known to the mysterious people of the deeps. But what is known is that their crests not only work as protection, but also contain gills which allow them to breath underwater. The Nauticans teach them how to use Weapons and give them light armor, but even unarmed, they are deadly, since their claws can tear through metal and they breath hot steam, just like Dragons breath fire.

M5 Ws6 Bs0 S5 T6 W5 I4 A4 Ld7

Sea Creature; Large Target; Terror; 4+ Scaly Skin; Creature of the Deep; Hot Steam (works as Dragon Fire, except it effects Flammable Units the same way it effects ordinary Units)

I think it would be about 400pts & it is quite obvious it would be a Rare Unit" have kindly granted me permission to use their miniature pics in relation to my Nautican Warhammer Fantasy Army project. (painted by Derek Schubert 02902: Slithe Queen Bob Ridolfi $7.99)


  1. well it was kinda easy, I saw the pic & everything just came to me

  2. So, are you thinking about buying one, to see how big they would be?

  3. So Sigmar, will the Sea Dragon be added to the Nauticans (I'm thinking Rare Units)

    and what about the Tide Watchers? Will they return?


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