The Nautican Warhammer Fantasy Battle Army is completely unofficial and is not endorsed by Games Workshop.

army designed by Sigmar from the Battle Reporter Blog

Friday, 12 November 2010

New Nautican Miniatures

It is high (tide) time I got back to the Nautican Army project...

So I've just ordered some new models to help give some impetus to my motivation. I ordered the Slithe Queen, some Slithe Queent, some Slithe Raiders (to see if they fit the bill for Sprats ie. Coral Hunters / Crest Riders) and some sea creature familiars (all from

I'm thinking of creating some new kind of Sea Creature swarm unit and I also like the idea of possibly using some of the sea creature familiars as icons on the top of standards - I'll have to see how large they are I guess (I wish they would advertise miniatures next to a ruler so you can see exactly how big they are).

The Slithe Queen will be a new hero or possibly Lord unit. I have some other characters I'd like to remove so there should be space in the army - the Coastal Hermit will definitely be "shipped away" :)

Anyway, here are the minis that will soon be swimming their way across the Atlantic:-

(sea creature familiars painted by Anne Foerster)
Warhammer sea creatures

Warhammer sea army unit

Warhammer Fantasy sea army unit

Images are used with the permission of who have kindly granted me permission to post any miniature images from their site for the purpose of my Nautican Army project (I have purchased quite a lot of minis from and can thoroughly recommend them for price and reliability).


  1. Oh hey, Drac again, you might have not seen this, but I've pretty much 'fishhed'' out every Aquatic miniature from Reaper Miniatures.
    Check this out, you might like it:

  2. Oh, and as for the Slithe Queen, will you be using the profile of the Sea Dragon, tweak the Sea Dragon profile a little bit or change it completely?


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