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Friday, 13 January 2012

Hammer-heading Warhammer enemies !

New Nautican Miniatures swimming to a shore near me soon !

I decided to get the beach ball rolling again with my Nautican army. It's been a while (a long while) which has included several new official WFB Army book releases for 8th edition so I'm freshening up my Nauticans too (both the minis and the rules).

I really needed something to get the excitement and impetus going again and this new plan seems to be doing the trick. So, the next draft will constitute quite a major update.

Here are some of the new minis I've ordered (from

Sea Creature of Blood Reef
(painted by Michael Proctor)
Warhammer Sea Army models

A Hammerhead Wereshark !
(you can find him (or her) on and it's named Shred Bloodgill)
Warhammer Fantasy Sea Army minis

and two Sea Elves "Ollamiel" (to represent the Nautican Lords and Heroes)
(Painted by Alison Scheirman)
WFB Ocean Army miniatures
I've also ordered some more Komodons (which will form both the Wavebreakers, Trident Guard and the Interceptors because they are simply the best minis I can find for the job). As a result the Wavebreaker base sizes are being increased to 25mm from 20mm (which will mean a pts cost tweak).

I found some new pics of the Komodons which show off the miniatures a bit better than the painted mini pics do...

The standard troopers (available from or
Trident bearing sea WFB miniatures
and the Trident Guard Champion
Interceptor and Trident Guard champion miniature
I have even decided how to differentiate between the Wavebreakers and Trident Guard now that I will be using the same miniatures. The Trident Guard have the tridents with the metallic looking prongs (which I call Oceanic Tridents) and the Wavebreakers will have the tridents with the sea shell looking prongs (which I have named Sea Tridents).
I'll write about the rule change ideas in another post. There are some concept changes too, so the army makes a little bit more sense.

Keep the faith, we'll get this army up and running eventually !

Images used with the permission of - and I have the email to prove it :-)
It was a long time ago but I presume they still welcome the promotion.

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